Friday, November 24, 2017

Millennial Pets Will Be The Big Winners this Christmas

 Today's pets are enjoying an almost human existence with many of Australia's 5.7 million pet loving households, spending thousands of dollars each year to secure the health and happiness of their treasured animal companion.

Known as 'pet-parents', rather than 'pet-owners', these passionate pet lovers across Australia are indulging their four legged canine and feline 'fur-kids' with clothing, gifts and products to celebrate milestones and festivities.

Around 50% of pet owners are expected to buy a gift for their pet this festive season with toys, treats and gifts packs set to be the top sellers.

The affectionate terms, 'fur-baby', 'fur-kid' and 'pet-parent' particularly resonate with young Millennials who consider their pets as 'starter children'. Three out of four Millennials admit that  they are more likely to splurge on an item for their pets, rather than on something for themselves.

Petpreneur, Katrina Thomson, founder of Australian personalised pet products business, IdPet (, says that pet parents are increasingly humanising their furry best friends and spoiling them with their very own customised and personalised accessories.

"It's about showing that you are a proud pet parent with an eye for what your Doggo needs, and believe you me they need that personalised Furburry Neckerchief or custom superhero collar and lead set. Non essentials are becoming the new must-have essentials when it comes to your fur-baby - there is no such thing as over spoiled," Ms Thomson explained.

IdPet is preparing for a busy Christmas period with spending on their bespoke, custom made pet products already receiving steady orders from Australian and international pet lovers even before the festive season as begun.

"We create a personalised squeak plush Candy Cane Toy and can personalise gift packs complete with homemade treats, a Christmas themed plush toy and treat bag for the all-in-one gift for every pet."

IdPet began specialising in custom made and printed pets clothing and products in 2013 and now boasts a strong loyal customer base.

"Our personalised range has expanded so much over the past year. Now we're custom making birthday themed neckerchiefs and matching toys," Ms Thomson explained.

"We're also finding that many pet lovers treat welcoming a new puppy into their home just as they would a new baby, so our 'Puppy Essentials Pack' with collar, lead and also prove popular."

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Managing your pet’s life from your desk is only a tap away

Managing your pet’s life from your desk is only a tap away blog article image
With Australians working longer hours than ever before, and trying to juggle home life - pets are often the ones that get neglected with annual vaccinations missed, grooming appointments get further apart, and de-sexing is put on the back burner.
The Australian Bureau of Statistics says 5 million of Australia's 7.7 million full-time workers put in more than 40 hours per week.  Of them, 1.4 million put in more than 50 hours per week. Around 270,000 put in more than 70 hours per week.
According to the RSPCA, there are estimated to be 4.2 million pet dogs in Australia; 19 dogs for every 100 people. Cats are the second most common pet, with 29% of households owning a cat. There are estimated to be 3.3 million pet cats in Australia; 15 cats for every 100 people. So this means that a lot of pets are in need of up to date care.
Australian owned and run website is here to help Pet Owners manage their pets life more easily.  With thousands of Pet Care Service Providers across the country, the website even offers Pet Taxi services ready to help you with pick up and drop off whenever you need, and it can even be discreetly booked online while at work. 
Australian current drivers licenses are verified for anyone offering Pet Taxi Services through the website.  Pet Owners can come home to a freshly groomed, walked, vaccinated, or de-sexed pooch or pussycat rather than needing to take annual leave.
PetCloud Pet Taxi Service
Pet Care Service Professionals set their services and prices. However, as an example, doggy day care is around $20 per day, pet taxi round trip pick up and drop offs to the Vet’s or Groomers are around $30.  Some Pet Sitters are also groomers themselves and grooming prices are around $55.
PetCloud App
The site went live in April last year and has since been booming. The key to their success, as founder Deborah Morrison says is “Our high standard of safety checks & verifications we maintain. With more women these days running their own business or out travelling, we need to be able to reply on a service that places the safety of women as a priority, as well as advocating the high standards of pet care that the RSPCA promote.”

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


The Surfing Dog Championships will be back on the shores of Laguna Bay Noosa for a seventh consecutive year in 2018.
A firm favourite for not just locals, but also national and international visitors to Noosa, images and film of the dogs are shared across the world to hundreds of thousands of viewers. The surfing dogs will once more be donning their rash vests, zinc-ing up their noses and taking to the waves, but this time with a couple of new tricks up their furry sleeves!
VetShopAustralia will be running free workshops in the lead-up to next year’s event, perennial competitor Paul Jones sharing tips and skills for surfing dogs and their two-legged co-pilots. All are invited to these unique workshops, helping owners to better connect with their dogs through standup paddling, as well as back on dry land, assisting and improving training and bonding skills.
After a busy year, ‘Mr DogSurf’, Chris De Aboitiz, and his SupDogOz team are looking forward to returning to Noosa next March:
“The Noosa Festival with the VetShopAustralia team was such a good vibe this year,” says Chris. “We loved the massive turn out of people at Noosa for the Dog Spectacular. 
“SupDogOz kicked off the year with a great dog workshop tour. It was awesome to capture the key dog training tips to share in our upcoming training videos. We even taught ‘Bondi Vet’, Dr Chris Brown how to surf with Gypsy the dog.”

As if hosting workshops across the country and presenting the Noosa Festival’s Surfing Dog Championship wasn’t enough, Chris has been teaching his old dogs new tricks, elevating above the waves with his canine companions on SUPs and kiteboards mounted with hydrofoils. The relatively new phenomenon of foil surfing is taking the world by storm, and Chris and his four-legged friends weren’t going to be left behind. With the right conditions and a little luck, Chris will be demonstrating this gravity-defying new talent to the ever-appreciative Noosa crowd in 2018.

To top off his jam-packed 2017, De Aboitiz and his dog team set a new world record:

“So stoked we did it,” Chris enthuses. “It took 25 dogs, a former world champion tandem surfer and an oversize standup paddleboard to break the rather peculiar world record. We trained and prepared to get the dogs onto a 17ft SUP to set the record for the most dogs surfing on a board, and the whole thing was recorded by the Queensland Weekender TV show!”

The Surfing Dog Championships have always had a strong focus on promoting pet health and care, and this year VetShopAustralia is excited to announce Simparica as its co-sponsor. Providing water-resistant flea and tick protection for all sizes of hydro hounds in a convenient and tasty chew, Simparica is the perfect partner for the aquatic antics of our canine counterparts.
With SupDogOz launching a video series of dog training solutions later this year and De Aboitiz once more hosting a ‘SUP with Your Pup’ workshop prior to the main event on Sunday 11 March next year, there is plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved and excited for the 2018 Surfing Dog Championships.
Find out more about VetShopAutsralia and SupDogOz at
For more information on the Noosa Festival of Surfing, please visit:

First for Australian Online Pet Health Retailer Pioneers

PetScripts Helps Manage High Cost of Pet Meds
Many Australian pet owners know all too well the financial burden that comes when their vet diagnoses a pet with a long term condition that requires ongoing, expensive, prescription pet medications.

It won't come as a surprise to most, that the cost of medicines for ongoing pet health issues such as cardiac, arthritis or chronic skin complaints can now run in to hundreds of dollars a month. With no government subsidies or safety nets for pet drugs and less than 20% of Aussie pet owners holding pet insurance, finding that sort of money from the monthly budget on short notice can cause enormous financial stress on a pet owner. And having to consider the "unthinkable" alternative if you don't have the money readily available, is something no pet owner wants to do.

And while it doesn't magically make those expensive pet drug bills disappear, in what is an Australian, and possibly world, first for an online pet pharmacy, industry leader has announced that it has joined with Australian fin-tech zipMoney to offer a Buy Now, Pay Later option.  By filling their vet's prescription online at and choosing zipPay at checkout, pet owners can get the pet medicine they need home delivered right now, but pay off the cost in instalments interest free (up to $1000). The only charge is a small $5 monthly account management fee, and instalments and payment time can be as large or as small as the customer can handle.

Australian pet owners can now buy discount pet meds on credit
"When we launched last year, we knew that offering discount prescription pet medication online would help the thousands of Australian pet owners struggling with the high cost of pet medicine " says's CEO and Head Veterinarian Dr Mark Perissinotto. 

"Heartbreakingly though, we still had some customers telling us that while they'd do anything to relieve their beloved pets suffering, they really struggled. Some Medicines we sell cost $200, $300, or even more, and finding that money on short notice can be difficult for many of us". 

Dr Perissinotto, a pioneer of selling pet products online who founded Australia's first online pet health supplies store way back in 1999, went on to say "We chose zipPay as our Buy Now, Pay Later, partner not just because if it's strong reputation amongst online retailers for reliability and ease of integration, but because it's so easy for customers to use. When I placed a test order on the website and chose to buy Now, Pay Later, with zipPay, I couldn't believe how quick the zipPay sign up process was. Less than 2 minutes from start to finish!"

"zipPay is there to help consumers pay for what they need when they need it in a responsible and transparent way.  Pet meds can be really expensive, but they are an essential cost.  As a company filled with pet lovers, we are really happy to be the first to be able to apply zipPay's "Buy Now Pay Later" option to solve this challenge for people who love their pets," said Eli Hecht, Head of Healthcare Solutions at zipPay.

 About Vet owned and using registered Australian pharmacists, is Australia's leading online pet pharmacy, allowing Australian pet owners to save money by buying discount prescription pet medications for home delivery. was founded by Dr Mark Perissinotto and his brother Steven Perissinotto,  online retail pioneers who launched Australia's first, and what is now Australia's largest and most awarded online pet supplies retailer, in 1999. Note: a valid prescription from an Australian veterinarian is required to order products from

Friday, October 13, 2017


As the shortage in pet friendly housing in Victoria continues, pet owners are being forced to surrender their animals, with possible euthanasia consequences. The AVA1 report thirty per cent of dogs and cats are surrendered by owners who are unable to locate adequate accommodation.

This lack of pet-friendly rental properties continues to be a major issue for Victorian pet owners with a search on leading rental network revealing current listings in Victoria for pet friendly rentals equate to about two per cent of total listings.

This low availability of pet friendly homes has found the search to be very stressful, with many pet owners left with feelings of housing insecurity. Furthermore, the low availability forces pet owners, most who have strong emotional bonds to their pet, to choose between surrendering their pet or keeping their animal without landlord approval.

A survey conducted by Dogs Victoria, the peak body representing ten thousand owners and breeders of purebred dogs, on renting with dogs identified over 40 per cent of respondents found it difficult to secure a rental home, with over 80 per cent citing it was due to owning a dog. The survey revealed that virtually everybody renting with a dog had special provisions put on their rental agreement, from pet bonds, extra cleaning fees, numerous inspections and higher rent.

However, most respondents were prepared to pay more rent or have special provisions put onto their rental agreement to secure a pet-friendly property. Australian research1 has revealed that pet owners would likely pay up to 14 per cent more rent – which could see landlords receiving over three thousand extra dollars per annum, based on an average weekly rental of four hundred dollars.

Dogs Victoria, Chief Executive, Dr Tim Adams says ‘We believe that renting with a dog should be widely accepted as normal and we are we are calling on landlords to change their perception on renting to a tenant with well-behaved dogs, and the government to consider legislation to facilitate this. Our survey has proven that dog owners often make excellent tenants with many stating they cared and tended more for the property as they recalled the difficulty in first securing it.

The survey also showed that many pet owners included quirky elements to get noticed, including using a dog resume to secure their rental property, citing it helped to personalise and introduce their pet to the landlord. Many included in their dog resume achievements from advanced training, previous rental history references and the goals and responsibilities of living with fellow humans.

Respondents stated they supported their rental application by providing details about their obligation as a Dogs Victoria member, which identifies the owner as a member of an organisation recognised by the government as a responsible authority on canine affairs, and included their duty in respect to health, welfare and upkeep.
Dogs Victoria remains committed in representing canine interests and issues and will work with the Government, sector bodies, the community and Dogs Victoria members on building a fairer Victoria for all dog owners.
For more information on Dogs Victoria visit 

Friday, October 6, 2017

Aussies spending up big on pampered dogs

If you are spoiling your puppy with more than a few luxuries you are not the only one. Australian pet owners spent $12.2 billion on their fur babies last year. 

In a national study of pet ownership, Animal Medicines Australia (AMA) found that nearly two in three Australian households own a pet.
While total cat and dog ownership numbers show a small increase average household expenditure on pets increased by 31% per animal.
Executive director Ben Stapley told ABC Radio Canberra pet owners are indulging their pets with premium pet services.
“A number of the services that people are spending money on didn’t even exist three or four years ago when we last did this survey,” he said.
“We found that people are spending their money on premium products and service,”
“Things like doggy day spas, for example, rather than just the basic pet grooming.”

Spending in Australian dogs is on average almost twice as much as pet spending by those who own a cat.
The average dog-owning Australian household spend an estimated $1,975 a year on their dogs, including $622 annually on pet food and $397 on veterinary services.
And the average cat owning household is spending $1,480 on their furry friends a year.
Mr Stapley said the cost increase was associated with people choosing to spend more.
“Most pet owners want to provide their pets with the best possible life, and are now spending more across an increasing range of pet supplies and services to keep them healthy and happy,” he said.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Say I Do to Having Pets At Your Wedding: Local Story from Byron Bay Bride


Weddings are a very special day with family, love and special moments, so naturally you may wish to have your precious fur baby join you on the day.

And it’s not just for celebs, everyday people are involving our pets in wedding celebrations more and more.

However it may be difficult to plan your dream day with venues, transport, hotels and everything else that will accommodate your four legged family member. 

Don’t turn into a bridezilla, just turn to PetCloud’s wedding pet concierge services and they can help your day be as smooth as possible.
You will be connected with someone like Amy, a Byron bay dog lover and qualified trainer, who helped a beauty young bride in her hour of need!

Beatrice from Surfers Paradise thought she had everything planned until the day before the wedding arrangement with her beloved puppy Bear fell apart.
Beatrice who got married at the Fig Tree Restaurant shares her experience with how Amy “saved the day”,
“Amy you're absolutely amazing! We wanted our puppy to join in on our wedding day. We were staying in a holiday house in Byron and pets weren't allowed. So we made arrangements for bear to stay somewhere else. However day before our arrangements fell apart. I was slowly turning into bridezilla. I called PetCloud (who sorted everything out with Amy) Amy came and picked up bear. She dropped him off at the wedding venue and picked him up again later that day. She went above and beyond, next time we are in Byron we will definitely be using Amy. Thank you Amy for saving our day!!!”
If you are planning your big day and want you your fur baby to be there or simply to make sure they are well cared for while you are partying the night away, contact today!

To make sure you doggo or precious pet are ready for the day here are some tips:

·         Book your pet concierge and services well in advance to avoid last minute stress your four legged family member and any bridezilla moments.

·         Professional cut and bath as close to the wedding date as possible. Need to find a groomer in your area or at short notice, click here.

·         Assign a pet concierge for your pet throughout the day and enjoy piece of mind they will be well cared for.

·         Dress to impress with a cute tuxedo, bow tie, flower crown or even coordinate their outfit with the bridal party.

·         Safe transportation can be arranged with your pet concierge or perhaps you require a pet taxi service.
·         Your pet concierge will be equipped with a lead, water bowl, large bottle of water, wipes to clean paws and of course treats. 

·         Maintain your pet’s routine to keep them happy and relaxed. Normal meal times, adequate walks and regular toilets breaks are a must.

·         Wedding Florals Health & Safety is important. There is a whole variety of flowers that are toxic to dog, cats and other pet, so do your research and find out if your blooms are ‘pet safe’, plus let your florist and ceremony decorator know.