Saturday, July 23, 2016

Aussie Dog Owners in the Know are Saving Hundreds Each Year! (But is it Legal?)

We can all agree that owning a dog has it's ups and downs right? Nothing makes the heart leap quite as much as a wagging tail, a smiling canine face and a slobbery doggy kiss (even with doggy breath)  when you arrive home from a hard day at work. And while it might seems that nothing can make your heart drop more than getting in to the house to find your favourite couch torn and chewed, for too many Aussie pet owners, the real heart wrenching times unfortunately often come with an unexpected visit to the vet clinic.

The dispair of hearing that your loved dog has a serious illness, the relief when the vet tells you that with modern veterinary medicines the illness can be cured or at least managed, and then the fealings of concern when you start to think about how much its going to cost to fill these ongoing pet prescriptions, is a roller coaster of emotions that unfortunately is experienced by hundreds of pet parents every week all over Australia.

And while reliable and effective dog medicines never come cheap, hundreds of Australian dog owners have found a way to reduce the cost and lessen the anxiety that goes with it, by sourcing discount prescription dog drugs over the internet.

With some Australian dog owners spending thousands of dollars a year on common prescription medicines for dogs like Vetmedin, Fortekor and Caninsulin, buying cheap prescription dog products  from an online pet pharmacy can save hundreds of dollars each year.

But is it legal? and perhaps even more importantly, is it safe?

You need to be aware that quite apart from potential safety concerns, ordering prescription products from outside Australia is not legal (importing pet medicines in to Australia requires a government permit that's almost never granted to individuals for pet use), so never order pet medicines from overseas.

Luckily for those of us who own dogs we need expensive prescription animal medicines, there is a legal and safe option for buying dog prescription drugs online. Called and launched this year by well known and well regarded Australian veterinarian Dr Mark Perissinotto, Australian dog (and cat) owners can legally buy animal prescription products, sourced right here in Australia and dispensed by Australian registered pharmacists at discount prices. And because the products sells are Australian sourced and registered products, you know you're getting exactly the same products as you would buy directly from your vet.

To order discount pet prescription drugs from all you need to do is get a prescription from your vet,  jump online and follow the easy order process and then post them the original prescription for your dog's medicine. An Australian pharmacist will check your prescription and dispense your order.  Don't forget to post your prescription - its a legal requirement that the dispensing pharmacist receive the original, but provides a "Postage Paid"address so it won't cost you a stamp.

Dr Mark Perissinotto is a pioneer of online retail of pet products in Australia. He launched Australia's first online pet health retailer back in 1999, but up until now, selling prescription products for dogs has been problematic. teams Dr Mark's over 25+ years of veterinary experience and 17 years of online retail experience and  with carefully selected, Australian trained, Australian based, Australian qualified pharmacists, to make the online shopping experience (and online savings) available to dog owners who need to buy expensive prescription products for their pets.

"Our pharmacists and the rest of our team understand that ordering medicines for your pet online requires a high level of trust from you, and we take that trust very very seriously. " Says Dr Mark. "That's why we'll never cut corners or take risks and we'll do everything we can to help you ensure your pets have the medicines they need at an affordable price."

Remember, it is perfectly legal (and very safe) for Australian pet owners to order prescription products online if you order from an Australian Online Pharmacy and if you have a valid Australian Prescription for your pet's medicine.  If your dog needs prescription medicines, you should definitely take a look at

Monday, May 23, 2016

Is this the best tick collar on the market in Australia?

A brand new tick collar called Advantage Seresto by Bayer has hit the Australian market and it's set to shake up the market for tick and flea control Australia wide.

Seresto for Dogs over 8kg (Red)Launched in Europe in 2013 and the USA in 2015, and in Australia in May 2016,  Bayer's Seresto tick and flea collar's biggest feature is how long it lasts. Seresto collars for dogs and cats will control ticks (including the paralysis tick) for 4 months and fleas for up to 8 months.

The second most important feature is Seresto's great price. Retailing at just $79.99 (or you can buy Seresto online for just $69.99) that's less than $20 a month if you're using Soresto for ticks and fleas and less than $10 a month if using it just to control fleas.

A third important feature for pet owners, is that the Seresto tick and flea collar is odorless - no more wierd minty smell or sticky residue on your fingers.

Bayer Seresto flea and tick collars, come in three sizes:

  • Advantage Seresto for Dogs over 8Kg
  • Advantage Seresto for Small Dogs under 8Kg
  • Advantage Serest for Cats
 Sponsored Link: Buy cheap Seresto Flea and Tick Collars for just $69.

Which is the best tick collar?

It's hard to compare Seresto to Kiltix or Seresto to Preventic because Seresto is such a stand out winner. It lasts longer and the pricing is competitive. We believe that Seresto is the best tick collar, hands down.

What about comparing Soresto to Nexgard or Soresto to Bravecto? 

both Negard by Merial and Bravecto by Merck are oral flea and tick control products released in the Australian market last year, and both have been selling well. However, arguably Seresto is better than Bravecto or Nexgard because it costs less and lasts longer.

What about using Seresto Just for Ticks?

Although arguably the best collar for tick control in Australia, Seresto is also a great option for those people looking for an effective tick collar. Seresto collar is registered for the control of fleas for up to 8 months - no other flea control product comes close.

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Friday, May 20, 2016

Why Can't I buy valuheart? is there an alternative to Valuheart available in Australia?

Valuheart Heartworm Tablets for DogsWe've recently received a lot of questions about a popular brand of  heartworm control tablets called Valuheart. An ivermectin based tablet for the control of heartworm, Valueheart was affordable and Australian made and the heartwormer of choice for many Australian dog owners. However based on our investigations it appears that it's become almost impossible to buy Valuheart Heartworm Tablets at vets, pet shops or online retailers. We've made some investigations and it seems that Valuheart is out of stock because the manufacturer, Pet Brands Connect (formerly Value Plus) has gone broke.
This is disappointing as many people relied on cheap Valuheart to protect their dogs and pups from heartworm. Luckily, there are however cheap Valuheart alternatives on the market with essentially the same active ingredient as valuheart and similar pricing. We recommend that for an alternative to Valuheart, you consider RSPCA Heartwormer for Dogs. Not only do RSPCA Heartworm Tablets have the same active ingredient as the Valuheart heartwormer tablets, and come in the same size tablets as Valuheart, it has the added advantage that profits go to support the great work of the RSPCA and you can switch your dog straight over to these effective and reasonably priced heartworm medicine without any waiting period.
You can buy RSPCA Heartworm tablets as a replacement for Valuheart tablets from vet owned online retailers such as (no prescription is required). 

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Quotes from Surfing Dogs

Surfing Dog Quote of the Daey - Dogs motivate us to play, be affectionate, seek adventure and be loyat.

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Surfing Dog Quote

Dog Quote from Surfing Dogs - Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

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Surfing Dog Quote

Best Dog quote- "Whoever said "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" has never owned a dog!